Old Fenders

by Murray Larsen



released November 7, 2016


all rights reserved


Track Name: Old Fenders
Bill listens to the oldies station play music like - it’s meant to be. 
Where they sing about things in real life, like true love, and being free.
He works hard to make a living fixing cars so they're safe to drive. 
At night he plays his guitar - that makes him glad to be alive. 

Bill's good at what he does and he likes doin’ what is good
Pickin’ guitar strings or lookin’ underneath your hood.
By day he’s slumped o-ver the fender of a car
At night he slumps over an old fender guitar. 

The singers love having Bill in the band cause he sure knows how to play
Makes them sound even better ...they know the crowd is sure to stay. 
When all is said and done, it's good to have him in the band
And if your car won't start after the show, he'll be sure to lend a hand.


Old fenders are his passion, the cars he likes to fix. 
Guitars he hangs around his neck and plays those smokin’ licks

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Back To The Country
I turned on the radio to listen to a country show
But once I got the dial set, my expectations were not met
What happened to the sound I love like Haggard, Cash and Jones
That got down deep inside your soul and soothed your weary bones

Don’t you think its time we got back to the country
Where the roots of our traditions run so deep
There’s more stories to be told and memories to behold
And still a million promises to keep

I listened for a little while, then realized its not my style
It really is a crying shame, the new songs all just sound the same
How I miss the lonesome sound of a crying steel guitar
That gently eases through the song and wraps around your heart

As I think about the age of that circle on the opry stage
And all the artists who stood there I can’t help but shed a tear
I can hear the echoes of their stories from the past
We can’t let the music fade cause it was meant to last
Track Name: No One Knows My Name
Been gone too long in search of wealth and fame
I guess the road I took twas all in vain
Now I’m back in this town from where I came
But no one in my hometown know my name

I feel like a stranger where I once felt safe and sound
Cause nobody knows me in my old hometown

If I had lived in a different time and place
Everyone would recognize my face
They’d hear the words when I sing my songs
Like it could have been all along

Repeat Chorus

No I can’t say that I didn’t try
If I got anything at all, I just got by
I’m leaving tonight on that lonesome train
Cause no one in my hometown knows my name

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Front Porch
When our hair has turned to silver and our “get up and go” is gone,
When you’re too weak to do the housework and I’m too old to cut the lawn,
We’ll sit out on the front porch as we reminisce the past
And give thanks to the Lord above for making our love last.

We’re living life together, you and me, growing older gracefully.
There is nothing that I’d rather do than spend my lifetime loving you.
We’re living life together you and me

Let’s learn to cherish every day and just be happy, come what may.
Worry only robs you blind of your precious peace of mind.
God gave to us each other and He made our union strong
That we might overcome whatever trouble comes along.

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Cheese The One
I pulled up to the window at the drive though yesterday
The girl that took my order was my long lost old flame.
Now, burgers are my passion, I could eat them everyday
I found true love in the pickup window when I went to pay.

Lettuce ketchup on old times, relish what we had
I've mustered up the courage to change things that are bad.
If today is my last day on earth, and tomorrow never comes
Tell the drive through window girl that cheese the one.

I never thought I’d find her cause we lost touch years ago
She went off to cooking school but I just didn’t have the dough.
I joined up with a country band, we travelled all around
Pickle little here and there after the sun goes down.

I’m sure glad I found her now I’ll never let her go
She stole my heart so long ago and I had to let her know
I would have gone crazy with my love forever lost
Cause she knows what ingredients are in the special sauce

You want fries with that?
Track Name: Common Sense Ain't Common Anymore
Many years ago when I was just a lad
I went out to the field to spend time with my dad
He warned me of the danger and how to keep from harm
He said that common sense is what you need here on the farm

He showed me how to operate machines and drive the truck
When it comes to moving parts, son, you can’t depend on luck
We discussed the subject as we fixed the fence
There is no substitution for good ole common sense

Where did it go, just take a look around
It seems as though it’s nowhere to be found
It makes me stop and wonder what the future has in store
Cause common sense ain’t common anymore

Take a look at how the traffic struggles to compete
Courtesy yields right of way to arrogance and conceit
We let our anger simmer until it turns to rage
Indifferent to the consequences of the war we wage


People build relationships on soft and shaky ground
So when the romance starts to slip they don’t stick around
They forget about the children so often caught between
Who shouldn’t have to deal with all the things they’ve seen

Track Name: Steadfast And Homeward Bound
Steadfast and homeward bound,
I'm riding this motorcycle into the ground
I don't care what they say, I'm going wall the way
Cause I'm steadfast and homeward bound

I've got a sweet little angel waiting for me back on the farm
When I get home I'm gonna turn on all my charm
She takes me up so high and brother that is why
I'm steadfast and homeward bound

I've got my Harley purring like a mountain lion layin' in the sun
When I come rollin' in tonight we're gonna have some fun
You know I just can't wait til I ride through that front gate
Cause I'm steadfast and homeward bound

When my riding days are over at the end of the line
And I ride into the yard for the very last time
I'm gonna thank the Lord above especially for her love
When my live is spent and I'm homeward bound
Track Name: The Dream
Last night you dreamed that I left you for someone new.
Woke in a cold sweat, won-dring if this could come true.
Shaking and confused, you asked me “what did it mean”?
But I assure you Baby, it was just a dream.

Some dreams are fears from deep within
That haunt us when they surface now and then.
The only time I’ve had a dream come true
Is when I had the one where I found you.

Said I’ll always love you, that I’d never go.
That’s just as true today as when I made the vow.
I'll never let nobody else lure me away from you
Cause you’re my one and only, my special dream come true.

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Thrill Of The Ride
Gonna fire up my harley, cruise it all around
Up and down the hi way, no telling where I'm bound
Destination doesn't matter, it's the thrill of the ride
Rollin' down the open road with good friends at my side
Crazy how it always feel better when it's jus two wheels, ya

Well come on now baby let's go for a scoot
On my motorcycle, it'll be a hoot
Better call your mama, let her know where you are
Just say you're riding into midnight on a shooting star

She's got flames on her tank, she's loaded up with chrome
At first glance I knew that I just had to take her home
She rumbles just like thunder echoing throughout the hill
Makes you want to ride it there and back just for the thrills
Crazy how it always feels better when it's just two wheels, ya

Track Name: Dead Man's Shoes
Steely eyed dealer shuffling the deck
I need a queen but I drew a jack
Beginning to look like I'm gonna lose
Feels like I'm walkin' in a dead man's shoes
Walkin' in a deadman's shoes

Dead man's shoes ain't got no soul
They're laced with misery
The devil wants you walkin' under his control
So he'll give you a pair for free

Walkin' along in the dark of night
One path goes left, the other right
It's hard to know which way to choose
When you're walking' in a dead man's shoes
Walkin' in a dead man's shoes
I'm gonna bury them deep down in the ground where they belong
I should have let the rightful owner keep them all along

There's a smooth talkin' salesman you better beware
It's the devil and he's gonna try to sell you a pair
They fit so good but your soul you will lose
You'll you're walkin' in a dead man's shoes
Walkin' in a dead man's shoes


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