Gold Digger (single)

by Murray Larsen



True story.


Gold digger, gold digger
What makes you figure you’re entitled to it all
All the little kids are gonna need it when they’re bigger
You took it for yourself, you’ve sure got a lot of gall.

Eighty year old man, just lost his wife
Looking for companionship, someone to share his life
You saw an opportunity and moved in on your mark
All his gold is not as cold and hard as your black heart

His wife’s last wish he’d pass their legacy along... to their kids and grand babies and keep their memory strong
You feel that you’re entitled, it should all belong to you
Instead of helping family as it was meant to do

You devastate a family to satisfy your greed
Trample on their hearts to get your fingers on the deed
What goes around comes around one day you’re gonna lose
Then I wouldn’t want to be standing in your shoes

Repeat Chorus


released November 20, 2019


all rights reserved


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